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VoxOlom Communication Products

Equipment for Simultaneous and Consecutive Telephone Interpreting

For over 15 years VoxOlom Communication Products has allowed highly skilled interpreters to deliver quality simultaneous and consecutive interpreting to groups and individuals using telephone communications equipment.

VoxOlom products are used in courtrooms, medical facilities, conference rooms, business offices, and anywhere else people need access to skilled interpreters.

    • Interpreters are working with clients anywhere in the world from their homes or offices, without traveling to the interpreting location.
    • Interpreting Agencies are expanding their client base and operating more efficiently by offering remote interpreting services.
    • Users of Interpreting Services are a phone call away from interpreting, which simplifies administration, improves productivity and reduces costs.

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Telephone Interpreting in the Federal Courts:
          Staff interpreters and contract interpreters providing
          certified interpreting services for
          judicial events.

Federal Court Telephone Interpreting Program (TIP): Access to Justice for All

Federal Court Telephone Interpreting Program (TIP): YouTube Link Featuring Voxolom Communication Products

Federal Court TIP Program History

March 2000 Federal Court Management Report

Telephone Interpreting in the State Courts:
          State Courts utilizing the services of
          certified interpreters via telephone.

Idaho Courts use Telephone Interpreting
Idaho's Grant Report - one year after installation

Judicial Council of California Telephone Interpreting Pilot Project
    Click here for Press Release 

Florida Courts - Telephone Interpreting Initiative:

Broward County using systems for Juvenile Dependency hearings

Oregon Expands Telephone Interpreting Program to 25 Courtrooms

Four Corners Telephone Interpreting Pilot Project

Arkansas Courts Telephone Interpreting Pilot Project ,more...

Health Care uses Telephone Interpreting:
          Health Organizations accepting federal funds
          need to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights
          Act - Providing Interpreting for people with
          Limited English Profiency. (LEP)



Learn how to conform - link to U.S. Government Office of Civil Rights information site


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